Photo by Alyssa Ence PhotographyMeet the team.

Hey there!  I’m Amber Green.  I’m a mother to Scotlyn (and a baby boy coming in May!), a wife to Bryant, and an artist.

Growing up, I was always known for stealing my Dad’s video camera and running around creating “movie magic”.  Film became a very large part of my life.  Story boarding, illustrating, script writing, sketching, acting, directing, editing. All of it.  Towards the end of my college career I met a blonde haired – blue eyed boy who stole my heart.  After we were married it came time for me to decide what I wanted to do with my talents.  My Professors told me to choose one area, but I wanted to do it all. Not only that, but I wanted a job that allowed me to also be able to stay at home with my kids.

So, here I am.  This dream has come to life, and I love it!

Photo by Jalene Taylor Photography Photo by Alyssa Ence Photography


Filming couples from all over allows me to capture and illustrate some of the best stories screenwriters and film artists can’t see, and I make wonderful friends a long the way.

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Photographs by Alyssa Ence Photography & J. Taylor Photo